Yachting Consulting Services

Etiquette and Protocol

Yachting is a unique luxury lifestyle experience and guests expect the highest standards of service. In order to exceed expectations, yacht crews require highly dedicated training in all areas.

Carried out on board by Yiannis Zachopoulos, Spyros Gkinis and Lydia Passadaiou, this short but concentrated bespoke training program will teach crew member show to provide the ultimate dedicated and private service within their real working environment.

Tailored to your specific requirements and the unique nuances of your yacht, the coaching includes personal excellence skills, etiquette and protocol, technical skills and onboard essentials, as well as some very exclusive butler tips and tricks.

  • Boarding and first impression
  • Cultural awareness and guest types
  • Crew etiquette& style
  • Psychological skills, guest types, conduct  and communication with guests
  • Body Language & Service mentality
  • Meeting Captain’s expectations
  • Verbal and non verbal communication
  • Mental attitude
  • Customer Behavior
  • Confidential and privacy issues
  • How to exceed guest expectations

Food & Beverage

  • Beverage production and  service
  • Knowledge about spirits ,  fine wines & Champagne
  • Beverage thyme menus
  • Knowledge about food and beverage matching
  • Table setting, &Remarkable service
  • Table decoration and layout
  • Training staff  & SOP procedures in food service production
  • Style of food styles
  • Dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, kosher & others
  • Guest attention in the restaurant
  • Intelligent  training with current bar trends
  • Work on duties schedules & Crew management and safety at work

Interior Care & Housekeeping

  • Treatment of different materials and surfaces
  • Handling tablecloths, guest linens
  • Cabin set – up
  • Laundry service
  • Flower arranging and presentation, hints on floral arrangement
  • Fruit basket presentation