Hospitality Services

Hotel Bar Optimizing

Do you wish to inspire your guests with tasty drink creations – be it in the lobby bar or by the beach, in the evening or during the day?

In your restaurant and concierge departments, do you wish to be an excellent and professional host?

Is your aim to generate more sales in your bars and a la carte restaurants by getting practical tips for the presentation and the quality of drinks?

FDM has the right tools to coach, to discipline and to train your employees, by teaching them on how to master optimized procedures at the bar and in the restaurant, to create a stylish ambience, and to deal perfectly with guests when it comes to drinks.

  • Psychological skills, guest types, code of conduct  and communication with guests
  • Body language & service mentality
  • Personal hygiene, style, and customer behavior
  • Valuable advice to raise efficiency, improve quality and harness existing potential
  • Handling guest expectations and complaints
  • Set Up bar material, accessories
  • Product training (recipes, techniques, logistics, decoration)
  • Beverage thyme menus ( Local specialties, cultural differences)
  • Intelligent Innovating bartending training with current bar trends
  • Planning production & service beverages
  • Beverage revenue control procedures
  • Up- selling recommendations & increasing beverage sales

Hotel Restaurant Optimizing

Individual and high service standards are growing in importance, thus to ensure satisfied guests, our objective is to help you stand out from the crowd. We coach your staff in their daily tasks and duties, we provide them with an effective tool so that they can attend their guests with style, fulfill wishes in a refined oriented manner and we educate them on how to handle complaints professionally with composure, temperance and courtesy.

  • Personal hygiene,  style, and customer behavior
  • Body language & service mentality
  • Valuable advice to raise efficiency, improve quality and harness existing potential
  • Guest attention in the restaurant
  • Complaints management
  • Mise en place set up
  • Table decoration and layout
  • Service principles, Do’s and Don’ts
  • Serving techniques from a la carte to buffet style
  • The perfect service employee
  • Workplace culture (HACCP) and mise-en place
  • Training staff & SOP procedures in food service production

Hotel Kitchen Optimizing

The path to a satisfied customer is via his or her taste buds! In a hotel, set aside the importance of the general welcoming and ongoing service in all the departments from check in to check out throughout each reservation; the second most important factor determining overall the guest satisfaction is without any doubt in the quality and taste of food.

Support your kitchen team by attending and serving to your guests unforgettable and refined culinary delectations.

Under the instruction of our experienced international chef, your kitchen staff will develop new ideas and a more effective workflow.

  • Analyzing and Optimizing daily Kitchen Workflows
  • Menu management
  • Buffet organization & attractive presentation
  • Requirements on the staff ( code of conduct, etiquette appearance)
  • Set up of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Manuals
  • Planning production and service food
  • Sanitation and safety at work
  • Pre/ Re opening kitchen department