About FDM

FDM Hospitality Services is an innovative company in Greece with a vision, mission and a specific task of creating and upgrading catering companies in Hotels – Bar Restaurants.

Our services cover tourism businesses in Greece and abroad in order to maintain the competitive edge, while achieving the strategic goal of each business.

FDM Hospitality Services is a team of professional individuals, each with a specialization in every area of ​​the business, with the goal of satisfying both the investor and the client’s expectations.

The Vision of FDM

FDM and its people will be regarded as the best and most reputed team in upgrading products and services not only in Greece but also worldwide.

Our vision is to provide enduring high-quality hospitality consulting services to both our clients and stakeholders.

FDM Hospitality Services acts as a responsible company so that its presence and activity add value to the service delivery in the hotel and food business.

The Mission of FDM

Our mission is to meet the expectations of our customers with innovative and intelligent added value operating techniques that deliver high quality services to the extremely competitive catering and tourism hospitality market.

We also aim to continuously improve FDM internally by constantly educating, cultivating and strengthening the capabilities and skills of our executives at all levels while remaining at the leading edge of the industry.

About the people of FDM

After years of experience in the hospitality industry, we and our partners have conceived and designed a smart and practical implementation of a model in managing and supervising hotel and food businesses by upgrading their product while significantly reducing their operating costs and consequently generating growth in their profits.

Therefore, the purpose and ambition of our team is to focus on making our investor a healthy and profitable business with longevity.